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Brantford, Ontario

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When a large warehouse became the anchor in an industrial development, the owners realized a reliable water source was needed for fire protection. Their bid was answered by Greatario and construction on a fire water tank was completed in 2014. Greatario supplied and built the foundation and epoxy coated, bolted tank for the project. The epoxy coating offers the maximum corrosion resistance and longest tank life. Panel construction allowed a rapid build time and because the tank didn’t need to be welded or painted – construction could proceed in adverse weather.

In addition to the tank and foundation, Greatario insulated and cladded the exterior of the tank. As you can see in the images, the first part of construction shows the brownish epoxy coated panels that were covered with the final white cladding. A low-cost, energy efficient heater was also installed in the tank. An added benefit of the heater is the element can be replaced, if needed, without taking the tank offline. These precautionary steps ensure a reliable flow of water in case of a fire emergency.

  • Supply fire water protection tank for new warehouse
  • Ensure minimal lifetime maintenance requirement
  • Ensure readiness of water supply, at all times, in case of emergency
  • Epoxy coated panels offering maximum corrosion resistance
  • Interior water heating unit and exterior cladding/insulation

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