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Interior Floor Cleaning & Inspection

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City of Miramichi


Miramichi, New Brunswick



During a scheduled tank inspection, it was found that a large amount of sediment had collected at the bottom of the tank. This sediment deposit was due from the water source and was thick enough to hinder a complete inspection of the tank floor.

The Greatario Service Team suggested the tank operators schedule an interior floor cleaning to allow a thorough inspection. The team was able to complete the cleanup and inspection with limited downtime. After completion of the floor cleaning, the inspection could be completed and it was found the tank floor, seals and bolts were all in good condition. Left unchecked, sediment build-up can lead to drain and water flow issues, poor water quality, and corrosion. Regular inspections can uncover small maintenance issues before they become big problems.

  • Clean floor sediment with minimal service interruption
  • Complete tank inspection
  • Reduce chance for water contamination from sediment build-up
  • Floor cleaning completed with minimal downtime
  • Cleaning allowed complete tank inspection
  • Cleaning reduced possible water quality issues and tank problems from sediment build-up

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