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Detour Gold


Detour Lake, Ontario

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During construction, the Detour Gold mine was on track to become the largest operating gold mine in Canada. An operation of this magnitude required a cover structure to meet demand. Greatario responded to a bid from Detour Gold for a stockpile containment solution. After consideration and review, Detour Gold selected Greatario to provide a ‘turn-key’ containment solution. CST Covers provided engineering services and supplied the dome for the project. Due to an existing conveyor on the site, normal construction had to be changed around and the dome was built starting with the outside frames and panels. Manlifts and cranes were used as dome rings were added. In total, 25 rings were built in the Geodesic dome. Prefabricated beams (3,363 in all) were bolted and secured to aluminum gussets, requiring no welding of the dome itself. This assembly process allowed the team to continue construction under various weather conditions. After the frame was completed, it was clad with 2,240 aluminum panels.

The finished stockpile dome is 97.5 meters in diameter and 52 meters high – the largest dome Greatario had built to date and the largest geodesic dome in Canada. It’s designed to withstand snow loads and wind speeds typical for the harsh Northern climate.

  • Design and build largest geodesic dome in Canada as stockpile cover
  • Low capital cost and minimal maintenance
  • Ensure worker safety by minimizing dust created by the contained stockpile
  • Design a structure that can be removed if mine is decommissioned
  • Aluminum beams and panels are corrosion resistant
  • Large clear span coverage because of geodesic design
  • Built to withstand northern climate – snow load and wind

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