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Exterior & Interior Tank Rehab

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Village of Cookstown


Cookstown, Ontario

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The bright white exterior and the name ‘Cookstown’ atop the standpipe, are the first things you notice coming up the hill into Cookstown, Ontario. This tank was built 25 years ago to replace a badly aging welded, steel tank. Replacing the old, welded tank with a Greatario glass-fused-to-steel tank was more cost effective due to the lower lifetime maintenance cost of an Aquastore tank.

Now, 25 years later, the Greatario tank was due for a rehab. The Greatario Service Team cleaned the outside of the tank and resealed the seams. The inside of the tank was also rejuvenated with a clean and reseal. During the service, an Active Mixing System was installed to improve water quality. Comparing the Greatario tank to the welded tank still on-site, its easy to see why glass-fused-to-steel is the best choice.

  • Interior / exterior rehabilitation of tank
  • Reseal as needed
  • Improve water quality with low-cost, easy to implement solution
  • Unique swing-stage equipment used during service
  • 25-year-old tank restored to day-one condition
  • Active Mixing System installed to improve water quality

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