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Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010) Review

The Dark Knight is a hero who's dedicated his life to protecting Gotham from the shadows, but even the caped crusader can fail, and these failures fade quietly. A new vigilante is in town, cleaning up the city with Batman's proficiency but none of his mercy, leaving a body count that leaves criminals in a different kind of fear to the bat. Under the Red Hood gives us a peak into the past of a tortured Batman, a city in peril from gang war, a dark clown's laugh, and a new menace that will have you questioning your own hero's iron moral compass.

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Several years after the loss of Jason Todd, one of Batman's trained robins, to the hand of the Joker a broken Bruce Wayne continues to to patrol the city and defeat crime with Dark Knight efficiency as always, still haunted by his past. Several threats however emerge from the Darkness, the Red Hood has taken the law and crime into his own hands, murdering leaders of the drug trade and taking it himself and attempting to control crime and decrease it from the inside. At the same time syndicate leader Black Mask is now locked in a gang war with the Red Hood targeting him, and pursuing these plans to flush out Batman to prove who is the true hero that Gotham needs. The mysterious appearance of the Red Hood and his unknown fascination with the Dark Knight, the smiling clown lurking in the corner, and the wrath of the Black Mask is plenty to give Batman and Nightwing an incredible challenge and to give you one he'll of a Caped Crusader adventure.

Batman is as brutal in his theatrical beat downs, flashy in his gadgets and detective skills, and as of a dark presence as ever. Neil Patrick Harris brilliantly lends his hilarity to Nightwing to contrast the seriousness of Bruce and John DiMaggio does a surprisingly amazing job as the Joker and brings out the slight dark comedy in him before sending you chills with the iconic laugh of death.

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