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Ideas Concerning How To Keep Your Neighbors Pet Dog Away

Around one month previously a neighbors pooch chased my man up to about a block away. I don't really know what made the canine pursue him but immediately after that incident I considered buying him an electronic dog chaser for personal protection.

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The truth is also I don't get that pet dog. Normally he is docile enough that my neighbor simply let's him run or lounge about within his yard. Other times he would snap and also snarl at my feet that I would be greatly attracted to kick him by myself as well as tell the owner to tie him up.

That takes place about two to three times within a month so perhaps it is only canine hormones or something. But old John he's extremely sentimental to tie up Betty constantly. Hes a retired navy officer and lives on his own along with his pet dog which was given to him by his granddaughter.

Right now Betty spends her time relaxing on the patio and walking her owner every morning for around half a block. And of course barking the head off the postman the newspaper lad the pizza delivery man and also my boyfriend.

One day I saw that she was not barking at the postman any longer and in fact avoided him. I asked the mailman what his secret was. Did he and also Betty suddenly have an understanding? He laughed and just revealed to me this digital dog repeller of his.

He called it a Super DogChaser. If you push a button it emits a high-frequency sound which dogs fully hate but is perfectly inaudible to humans. Alternatively there's an ultra-bright blinking strobe light that blinds and also confuses the dog for a while.

He stated this could help stop a pet dog from attacking you at approximately 40 feet away or you can just make use of it as a flashlight. Either way you would have your moneys worth thus I thought why not?

I purchased that very same electronic dog chaser for my boyfriend as well as me. Since that time we have never had a problem with any type of pet dog or cat for that matter. Peace finally.

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