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Financial Revolution is the newest addition for our Featured Selections

This newest addition did create changes of placement for those being featured earlier on our Featured Selections page. Those earlier listed as number 3 through 8, now are number 4 through 9. We do apologize for any inconvenience this creates for all involved. When we add a new author and his workon this page we place alphabetically by title. Alicia Harrell's Bookstore and more has found this method the most fair; our way of delivering first-class treatment to those we showcase.

There we're also a few minor alterations completed this month to our Welcome page. We like to keep all apprised of these changes for the feedback we have received indicates this is our visitors' preference. Thank you for using our handy comment form on the bottom of our Welcome page for all the wonderful feedback we have received. This helps us make certain our website reflects our goal of making it a visitor-friendly environment.

Oh! Wishing to finally alter the general appearance for my current business. Views about the overall feel of Sincerely an exclusive free fill provider in Ontario if, perhaps desired within the whole Ontario area. Write a comment. Appreciated!

Since our last blog in May 2012, we havealso added a free to watchmovie on our Welcome page. It is boldly listed a little past the middle. We hopeyouenjoy our free movie addition titled THRIVE: WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE? This is a complementary documentary filmfor which we are grateful to be featuring on our Welcome page.Many thanks to theThrive Movement for allowing us to freely share this inspirational and informative film!Want tolearn more about the Thrive Movement? Please visit here.

Dates to Remember:

Father's Day will be arriving on Sunday June 17, 2012. Hard to believe we are already in June, the year's half mark! We at Alicia Harrell's Bookstore and more wish all Fathers and their families ahappy and safe Father's Day!

Summer Solstice, first day of Summer, will be WednesdayJune 20, 2012. Summer is the time for those great outdoor activities like Family Reunions, fishing, hiking and visits to the local zoo, botanical gardens, lakes or oceans.This is the season when those plannedSummer Vacations and other fun family getaways unfold and the enjoyment for all ages begins!

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In conclusion, I absolutely should point out the basic idea regarding this specific posting has been furnished by Hans from They are certainly a tremendous hvac services. We always admire a first-rate suggestion!

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