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How Is C-Reactive Protein Related to Heart Disease?

Prior to testing for C-reactive protein (CRP), many individuals suffered heart attacks, strokes and other life threatening events without a single hint of warning. But when researchers discovered normal cholesterol levels we're found in nearly half of heart attack patients, it meant there had to be an additional unknown factor at work. Thats when inflammation was identified as the underlying contributor to the onset of a heart attack.

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C-Reactive Proteins Relationship to Heart Disease

Inflammation results when excess bad cholesterol, or LDL, makes it's way into the bloodstream through the arterial wall. Once LDL is there, the inflammatory response is triggered and cholesterol accumulates on the arterial wall at a rapid pace, leading to an arterial blockage and, eventually, a heart attack. During this process, C-reactive protein is released. This discovery has led to a widespread change in protocols related to heart disease screening and testing.

C-Reactive Protein Testing

Because of it's direct connection to arterial inflammation, studies indicate CRP could be a better indicator of heart disease than cholesterol levels. In 2002, a Harvard study found that women with elevated C-reactive protein levels we're more than twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke as women with low levels. When tested against cholesterols ability to predict the development of cardiovascular events, C-reactive protein was approximately 40% better than cholesterol testing.

Benefits of C-Reactive Protein Testing

Not only is C-reactive protein testing more efficient, but also provides physicians and patients with the following benefits.

  • Inflammation When compared with other tests to measure inflammation, using the CRP test has produced superior results.
  • Sensitive As technology advances, the ability to test for increasingly smaller quantities of C-reactive protein draws near. Currently, levels as low as 1 mg per liter can be detected.
  • Practical Unlike expensive laboratory testing, C-reactive protein tests are cost-effective and only require a tiny bit of blood to measure levels.

Live Heart Healthy

Natural ways to achieve healthy cholesterol levels include proper diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. If you have high cholesterol or know someone who does, choosing the right plan of action can be confusing and overwhelming. While a variety of prescription medications are available, they're not always the best option, as they can sometimes pose serious health risks.

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