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I went out with the kids tonight.

I went out with the kids tonight for our haircuts and called to check in with Jeff and see what he wanted me to bring him for dinner. He told me that the Dr had called to talk with me and would be in his office for another 5 minutes and I should call him. So here I am on a pay phone at the local grocery store with 4 kids melting down while I?m dialing for my test results.

The news was good, I guess, in that there was nothing at all abnormal in any of the tests he ran. So he says that it tells him that there is no metabolic reason for my blood pressure to be so high. Therefore it must be due to stress. I had stress 3 months ago when I went in, why the change? Not sure ? perhaps the culmination of stress over time was the answer I received.

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So what about the pain and swelling in my neck and around my lymph nodes? He tells me to keep my appointment with the ENT and that if they decide to biopsy have them do a stain for Lyme Disease. *sigh* He also said that based on the blood tests that nothing serious would be found in a biopsy. My red and white blood cell counts we're perfectly fine. This also means no signs of infection anywhere.

He again suggested that I was overtaxing myself physically and mentally. Over exercising and taking on too much and not refueling enough. So it?s all from being a mom and taking on too much and not having enough help. Well there?s a new tune right? Not!! We all suffer from it and my oldest child is 8 years old so this is not new to me. Why is my body revolting now?

I feel frustrated tonight. My dh?s intelligent answer was that I?m just getting old and my body can?t take the abuse anymore. All of this is great for explaining the blood pressure but what about all the other stuff? Well dh knows someone that had elevated thyroid levels and got lumps on her neck and they we're nothing. Well my thyroid levels are fine. So I guess I just suck it up and go on at least until I see the ENT at the end of the month. So more wondering and waiting and googling my symptoms and feeling like I?m either dying or going crazy.

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